Integrated Maintenance Services

It takes THREE things to have a successful fluid maintenance program.

: high quality, professional strength, cleaners and additives that are chemically engineered to remove deposits and add life to all engine components.

Second: user friendly equipment that enables your technicians to quickly and effectively exchange old contaminated fluid with new.

Third: a marketing program that includes:
  • Point of sale materials that give your customers all the information they need to make an informed decision on the individual maintenance service requirements of their vehicle
  • Menus that assist your service advisors in keeping your customers on track with their vehicles recommended scheduled maintenance
  • Sales training and assistance to help your shop make the most of highly profitable maintenance services.
All the above we provide with our Integrated Maintenance Services program. Please ask your local distributor for more details.

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High Quality, professional strength cleaners and additives.

Transmissions, radiators, major fuel systems, differentials, engines, brakes, power steering...

User friendly equipment to exchange old contaminated fluid's with Versel New engineered cleaners and additives.

Support and training.

Marketing aids.

Shop assistance.